Learning to trade $BTC for the first time!

There are many different cryptocurrency wallets and brokers available. As crypto continues to gain mainstream popularity worldwide many new brokers and starting to offer bitcoin and alt coin trading. $BTC #bitcoin #crypto

In our future blogs we will go over various cryptocurrency brokers in which we have tested, some since 2017 and some only since 2020 as they are newer brokers and wallets. Like any brokers, all have PROS and CONS and it is best to choose brokers that meet your expectations and investment needs.

The following apps are trusted by myself and our team members. All brokers have been verified- meaning money has been deposited using ACH/credit debit cards, trade or invest in crypto coins, and successful withdrawl of funds back to ACH checking account. Any referral links below have also been verified as paid out by the broker and allowed to withdrawl the “free“ funds.

Below you will find our top 3 recommended crypto brokers to get started trading and or investing in cryptocurrency: (you can also view our sister sites BTC trading guide for Coinbase/Binance here)

  • 1) GEMINI - USA owned and operated. Great customer service. Never an issue since it first started years ago we have been using Gemini to invest safely. Use this referral link to earn $10 free!

  • 2) VOYAGER - USA owned, orders are routed thru Coinbase (Also recommended) but not our favorite as they have had several members locked out for days and unable to cashout or trade or place orders. I'm inviting you to start investing in crypto with Voyager. Download the app and trade $100 to get $25 of free Bitcoin.

Use code 5D3914 or this link to claim your BTC.

Voyager Mobile App

Built in, simple to use charting

  • 3) CRYPTO.com one of our favorites as you can buy most coins using a credit card anytime with 2.99%-0.00% fees. Use our referral link for $25 free BTC WHEN YOU DEPOSIT $100

  • 4) BINANCE - overseas headquarters but allows nearly every single alt coin for trading and very low fees when you own $BNB coin.

Not a current member? Visit our website today http://www.PlanTheTrades.com and sign up! Our team consists of analysts, mentors, and professional daytraders all over the world and we provide all the educational content and tools you need to succeed all in one place! If you have any questions feel free to email us anytime Support@PlanTheTrades.com Have a great evening! Trade safe.

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