3/08/2021 Watchlist

The bearish short term downtrend and volatility has continued into the beginning of March '21 Trading. Over the weekend we saw the 1.4trillion Covid relief bill pass and hopefully the market has short term bottomed. We are expecting to see a bounce this week but will continue to re-evaluate charts using technical analysis support/resistance levels. Into Monday, 03/08/2021, our continuation scanner has picked up the following charts. $EYES $SIFY $HKIB $XTLB $WTI $AMPG $TMBR $AUVI $WTTR $PLXP $PTEN $NEX $SUP $NNVC $TMST $HBM $BGI $OSG $HLX $RES These are recommended to keep on a chart tomorrow. Over Friday's high/ah high, would be a possible entry with a 0.10c stop loss (for daytrades) and price targets to the upside using daily chart near term resistance levels.

We will be watching the overall $SPY $QQQ support and resistance levels as well. Remember to never force trades and always take profits when present!

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