3/02/2021 Watchlist

To start March trading for 2021 we opened Green and closed relatively strong with most of the heat map closing green on Monday 03/01/2021.

We had several amazing daytrading and options alerts today in chat- Great job team! Into Tuesday, 03/02/2021, our continuation scanner has picked up the following charts. $SOS $OSS $FRSX $GBS $APEN $TMBR $SRAX $ZKIN $INUV $ITI $LIZI $ECOR $FI $ASLN $EMAN $WIMI $PLXP $TOUR $ARTL $EBON These are recommended to keep on a chart tomorrow. Over todays high/ah high would be a possible entry with a 0.10c stop loss and price targets to the upside using daily chart near term resistance levels.

$OSS - clear $9.50 for entry. Enter $9.51, Stop $9.39, PT $9.60, 9.75, $10.00 - knowing that at any points clear and close over $10.00 psychological resistance this signals a possible overnight hold and/or a push to $10.10, 10.25, 10.50, 11+ This could also retest support down at $8.00 if it fails to hold $8.75/8.50 supports so we will be also watching for a dip entry at $8.51/8.31/8.11 after market open tomorrow.

$GBS - strong move today off bottom support and out of oversold RSI conditions (first time since Jan '21! Did have a big +32% move today from $6.11 to 8.00. This one should be kept on watch because we know if it can clear $8.00 at any point in the near term future (not just tomorrow after open) and hold above $8.00 as support the price targets become $8.10, 8.25, 8.50. Large resistance is between $8.60-9.00 but this could potentially break RSI 50 and retest Feb highs near $10.00. We will also be watching for any dips thru $7.75/7.50 supports to retest 7.30-7.00 area which is a great support entry for a possible swing as well.

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